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Consultancy Team Limited encourages users to download and display on their websites or in their promotional materials any of our Conditional Trademarked Logo below.
You need written permission from Consultancy Team Limited to use full size logos, other materials and photos on your website or in your promotional materials. You will need to provide a written summary with your information, where you are using and why. Please send your request to our email:

Colour Company Logo - PNG format 500x139


Black Company Logo - PNG format 360x85

Consultancy Team Limited logos, logotypes, signatures and design marks are valuable assets that Consultancy Team needs to protect. Accordingly, we ask that you follow these guidelines with respect to our logos. Remember that you are generally not able to use our logos unless you are specifically licensed or authorized to use them.
Third parties expressly licensed or authorized to use Consultancy Team logos must not alter or modify them in any way. Make sure to use our approved artwork and an appropriate quality.
Consultancy Team Limited respects the intellectual property rights of others, and we ask individuals to do the same. Thank you!
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